The Renaissance School

Nurturing Hearts & Minds


Parents are valued, respected, and welcome at the Renaissance School! 

 ~ Parents are the child's first teacher ~

  The Renaissance School proudly provides an "open door" policy ...

 Parents are invited to participate in all aspects of the preschool program
and may visit the classrooms and playground any time.

Strong efforts are made to develop a sense of community throughout the school.

Educators write frequent newsletters to inform parents about classroom events, 

curricular studies, possible items needed to enrich topics of study.

Educators connect regularly with parents to help them feel included in preschool life.

Parents are invited to 

Share their talents and interests with children at Circle-time and any time.

Share information with the class regarding family holiday celebrations and traditions

Attend meetings to promote parent/teacher partnerships

Participate in family social events such as potluck luncheons

Help on occasional workdays to repair and organize 
classroom space and equipment

Participate on fundraising committees

Participate in parent/teacher conferences

Donate items posted on the school's Wish List 

Work with staff to help promote the school 
at local community events, preschool fairs, etc.

Receive Family Handbooks and frequent letters 
home to maintain strong home/school connections

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