The Renaissance School

Nurturing Hearts & Minds

Admissions Process

Preschool aged children may attend the Renaissance School
three or four mornings a week 

Children can begin preschool anytime 
throughout the year,
whenever they 
become 2.9 years old.


We try to meet parent requests for choice of days,
if their child attends three mornings a week.

The Admissions Process

We invite interested families to contact us by telephone or email the Director at
to arrange for a tour of our program. 
If a family decides to enroll their child, we ask them to return a completed application along with a non-refundable deposit of $100.00, to the school office. The office will then give the family an enrollment packet which contains several forms and school policies. Some of the forms will need to be completed and returned to the office by the child's first day of preschool. 

Payment Information

The tuition for the academic year is divided into nine monthly payments (September - May). The monthly payments are adjusted according to whenever the child begins preschool and are due at the beginning of each month. If a child begins preschool in January, for example, the family will make five monthly payments for the school year (January - May). 

Tuition Rates

Three mornings a week = $360.00 per month
Four mornings a week = $475.00 per month

 Parents who are affiliated with the University of Massachusetts may be eligible to receive financial assistance from GSS (Graduate Student Senate) or GEO (Graduate Employee Organization)
Please inquire at UMass to learn more about eligibility requirements
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