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• I was debating about putting my child in a private or public school preschool and I'm so glad we found the Renaissance School and enrolled there. I discovered that the preschool in the public elementary school is very focused on academics, kindergarten readiness, and on getting the kids ready for the standardized tests to come. The children at the Renaissance School are getting ready for kindergarten too but there's so much more. The children explore and learn as they play - they do weekly cooking projects, learn about nature and do science experiments. They also do lots of art in the special art room and regularly take the kids on field trips. The class is small and there are many teachers available. I want my child to learn but I also want her to love learning. I want her to learn through play too, not just by doing activity sheets. She'll have time for that when she does go to elementary school.

• This school is warm and authentic, calm, orderly, joyful, clean, and presents a varied, interesting variety of materials for the children to play with. The parent-teacher communication is top-notch, and it isn't over crowded like most preschools in this area. The reason for this is that, despite first rate teachers and facilities and more than reasonable rates, the hours available are generally not for parents who both work full time. I transferred my son here after a horrible experience at another local preschool, and both my son and I couldn't be happier with the Renaissance School. This is a place you truly can trust and love.

• We have had such a positive experience at the Renaissance school. Our son can't wait to attend each morning and never wants to leave. It's a warm, loving, creative, interesting, playful atmosphere. The director stays very connected to both the parents and students, has a high level of professionalism, and utilizes many local resources (like University students and events) to make the program even richer. It's truly a special place.

• I am very glad that we chose this preschool for our son. First of all, it has a very homey environment. I am also very impressed by the quality and professionalism of the lead teacher and the faculty. They do an amazingly good job in caring for each child. Parents are also well involved in school activities. My son LOVES going to preschool, thanks to the Renaissance School!

• We looked at several preschools when we first moved to the Amherst area two years ago. The Renaissance School was the only one that gave me a warm feeling when I walked in. The school is bright, clean and organized. Dotty, the director, is kind, caring, and nurturing. My son has loved every minute spent there.

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